SRI by the Numbers

The 2008 summer/fall season was the second season of the Oxfam America SRI program in Vietnam. Continuing and expanding its earlier efforts, the program provided training and support on SRI adoption in a total of 13 communes, located in 7 districts in 6 provinces (Yen Bai, Ha Tay, Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, Nghe An, and Ha Tinh). With the strong support of local officials and community members, the program was able to achieve the following milestones:

  • 385 key farmers (of whom 76% are women) were trained. These farmers are skilled SRI practitioners who provide training to others in their communities.
  • 41 SRI research plots in 13 communes, with the participation of 325 farmers (76% of whom are women)
  • 20 workshops and conferences organized, with 1,861 farmers and local authorities participating
  • 26 study and exposure visits, in which 2,150 took part
  • 5.8% to 14.4% productivity increases.
  • 21.3% to 50% profit increases.
  • 6.2% to 30.5% decreases in urea use.
  • 33.3% to 83% decreases in pesticide application.
  • 11% to 50% decreases in irrigation expenses.

The chart below provides a more detailed breakdown of these indicators:



One thought on “SRI by the Numbers

  1. I heard about System of Rice Intensification (SRI) five days ago in a training course. My English is not good to understand everything but i try to write what i know and what i want to.
    My name: Nguyen Khac Dung
    Aged: 29
    Qualification: Hanoi Agricultuarl UniversityNo1 VietNam
    Graduated: 2003
    office: Hai Ha plan protection station of hai Ha district, Quang ninh province Viet nam.
    In Ha Ha, Rice area: 2.500 ha in rainy season and 1.680 ha in dry season.
    The farmmer used about 30-40kg seeding per hecta, six times to application pesticide. Yields is about 4.8 tons per hecta.
    If they can apply the SRI they can save seeding, reduce pesticide and high yield.
    We want to guide farmer using SRI.

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