National SRI Networkshop Workshop

From 21st – 22nd January 2010, the National Workshop on Consolidation of SRI experiences, lessons & networking was orgnized in Hanoi, attracted  nearly 100 participants from Vietnam and Cambodia; from governmental agencies, academic institutes, NGOs and farmers from remote communities. 

The reports on SRI adoption in Vietnam and Cambodia were presented at the workshop, providing basical view on SRI application and development in both countries. Especially, the report on comparison of SRI and direct seeding in Vietnam was extremely noticeable with interesting data and recommendations to promote SRI application in the future.

Participants had the opportunity to discuss on how to implement the SRI program better in Vietnam, focusing on communication activities and gender mainstreaming. Other discussions on development orientation of the SRI program in the next period, particularly SRI in the climate change context and safe production (GAP), also attracted largely attention of the audience.

There were also a small exhibition of SRI products, such as rice varieties from Yen Bai, Ha Tay, minimum tillage potatoes and other communications products. Vietnamese farmers and Cambodian experts had the chance to share experiences on implementation of the model book-keeping as well as exchange valued rice varieties. 

To download the workshop presentations, please click the link below:

Information on this workshop was launched on numerous websites and newspapers. Please click the link below to read the article on the SRI networking workshop:


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