Chapter I. To Ha Tĩnh for SRI Cross-learning

Morning 28 February 2012, FLAI Program Working Group (PWG) took car to Ha Tinh province to participate SRI Cross – learning workshop. FLAIR is (Farmer-led Agricultural Innovation for Resilience) promoted by OA. Some Vietnamese people spell FLAIR as “Pho Le” – meaning tired/ existed. It took car cheery when there are participants from PPSD of Yen Bai, Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, HUA, Oxfam, CCDV … joined car to Ha Tinh.

Car left Ha Noi at 11am and arrived Ha Tinh at 19pm. It long way, but we enjoyed beautiful view along road, had goat meat at lunch in Ninh Binh city, and warmly welcome at arrial. So we all felt well after one day travelling.

Participants of Ha Tinh dominated workshop; some have presented folk songs beautifully. Mr. Kiem – vice director of Ha Noi PPSD has sung a song with “spelling” voice that make everyone laugh.

In Ha Tinh, there are three organizations as Plant Protection Sub Department PPDS, Farmer Union FU and Extension Center EC who implementing SRI transfer to farmers. They are supported by  Oxfam Quebec, Oxfam Belgium and Oxfam America separetedly. Each organization conducted SRI in different locations in Ha Tinh with different approaches and have different outcomes. But all garee that SRI has better approach to farmers than other rice cultivation methods.

However, 3 organizasions have no activity to share experience or coordinate. Therefore good (and bad) SRI experience has not been disseminated and land area of SRI replication is very slow. So far only 10% of rice land in Ha Tinh adopted SRI. There is estimation that it takes SRI 50 years to cover all rice land in Ha Tinh if the existing operating mode is followed by 3 organizations.  There is no entity in Ha Tinh has consolidated information on SRI progress in the province.  Department of Agriculture and Rural development DARD has document to promote SRI in the province, but due to lack of comprehensive updated SRI report, DARD could not drow detail support means to support SRI adoption.

Workshop considers that there is a need to have new coordination mechanism to increase efficiency of SRI transfer to farmers. Thisnew mechanism includes two main issues. First is to modify SRI approach to farmers (led by farmers, tested in village, longer time); second is SRI coordinated task division (PPSD focuses on SRI TOT to EC; EC transfer SRI to farmers groups; FU establishes SRI Farmer Group to coach SRI to other farmers in communes

All were enjoyable to left workshop to start new stage of SRI  coordination and transfer.  Right after workshop, PPSD Ha Tinh with CCDV and OA visited Kim Loc commune to discuss on pilot workshop initiatives.  Be continued in  next chapter – SRI Farmer Network in Kim Loc commune.



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