Key Farmer Club (KFC) established in Kim Loc commune, Ha Tinh province

On 19 April 2012, Farmer Union (FU) of  Kim Loc commune organized meetings to set up KFC, KFC members are key farmers (KF) trained by SRI program.

Commune FU has proactive in preparing for KFC establishment. Mr. Khoa – chair of FU and Mr. Son – vice chair of FU invited farmers to have meetings in evening to introduce KFC concept and call for voluntarily participation. The meeting finished at 22 p.m. and they invited me to have rice wine to show that rice wine in Kim Loc is the best in Ha Tinh province.

27 KF have voluntarily applied to FKC for purpose of having opportunity to learn agricultural innovations to improve their income as well as to share/ support other farmers in commune. The meetings for FKC establishment is started at 14 p.m. in Community Education Center of Kim Loc commune. It was hot and temperature was as high as 37 degree Celsius. Green tea served in the meetings has helped participants to forget the hot; I observed around and found that my shirt was totally got wet with sweat but nobody has.

In the meetings, many participants showed that they have good experience in production, but have no opportunity to share it with others.  Mr. Manh is farmer who adopts SRI very well. He has 7 sao of rice land, but SRI is adopted fully on 3 sao, and 4 other sao is adopted SRI partly with herbicide/ weedcide spray due to lack of labor. He and his wife did weeding by hand and weeder. Weeding on each sao took him one working day. Weeding should be done exactly on 15th day after rice transplanting. He explains that at this time weed seeds just have small root and easily to remove. Weed will not be removed successfully if weeding done in later days.  Weeding is also be done on 30th day. Due to strictly in time, he could do weeding on only 3 sao. Mr. Manh said that weedcide spray has negative impact on rice growing.  Many farmers in communes apply direct seedling to save time. He considers  that direct seedling makes rice stronger than transplantation, but proposes to have direct seedling with spacing. This makes rice healthier and easy to have weeding.  Other farmer – Mr. To had brought his SRI rice to Trade Fair in Nghen town of  Can Loc district. He was easily to sell out all 100 kg of rice with good price when telling to customers on SRI methodology. Many people also asked him address to buy his rice.

Participants of KFC meetings discussed KFC Regulation and Plan, then they elect KFC Management Board of 4 members. Commune authority and FU leaders hope that KFC will facilitate people in commune to meet 2/19 criteria of New Rural Development Program on livelihood improvement and environment protection.

During staying in the commune, I have known that Kim Loc is about 20km from Nghen town of Can Loc district. It is the  homeland of scholar  La Son Phu Tu Nguyen Thiep in 17 century, who was invited by Quang Trung king to have advise on country management and development. It is a place of  sparkling  Nghe Tinh resistance movement in 1930. Recently Kim Loc  is granted as Hero Commune  in revolution for country independent.  Commune has 9 villages, 3 agricultural cooperatives and 4.000 people. People here can have two rice crops per year only. They suffering from annual flood from September to December. Therefore raising livestock and fishery is very difficult. The main income source of people is rice, and poverty rate is as high as 20%. Most young labors move out to work in urban areas in Vietnam. There are 50 people who have got Ph.D. degree and hundred have university-level degree who were born in Kim Loc but working in other cities.

(Center for Community Development VietHung, 22 April 2012)


One thought on “Key Farmer Club (KFC) established in Kim Loc commune, Ha Tinh province

  1. I am a cornell certified agri kadiramangalam system of rice intensification is posted in sri web page.i assure this is easy.if u wish iwill explain in detail.I am prepared to come there on your invitation..

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