Field workshop on SRI adoption large-scale demonstration model

On 24 May 2012, Center for Community development Viet Hung participated the Field workshop organized by PPSD of Thai Nguyen province in Dong Tien commune, Pho Yen district. Took part in workshop there are representatives from PPD, Oxfam, Authority, Farmer Union, Woman Union  of Pho Yen district and Dong Tien commune. There are also 25 farmers who participated model implementation.


After short opening, the workshop participants spent 2 hours to visit rice field and SRI adoption demonstration model that covers 10 hectares of land; and discussed with SRI farmers. SRI farmers show that they have learned SRI approach to adjust rice cultivation method comprehensively. Following SRI approach, rice could be grown in different dry and wet field, with different rice varieties, and all have brought good harvest such as saving 40% of seed, 10% of nitro fertilizer, reduced 50% pesticide use.

Ms. Le Thi Mo – head of Women Union in Vuon Ray village, Dong Tien commune, said she was among the pioneers in SRI adoption in commune and has got benefit from this.  3 year ago when SRI adoption was not introduced, on each sao (360m2) of land she had to spent 3-4kg of rice seed, purchased VND200,000 of chemical fertilizers and a lot of pesticide, but rice yield was as low as 150-180 kg per sao. Since adopted SRI in rice production, she could save seed and reduced production cost. Now she need only 1kg of seed for each sao of land, fertilizer cost reduces down to VND 130,000-150,000, and especially she does not use pesticide any more.  Hand weeding takes her time but it helps  to protect health of her and her children, local environment and rice productivity increases to 220-230 kg per sao.

 Ms. Le Thi Nhan from Thanh Xuan 2 village, Dong Tien commune, has just adopted SRI but rice yield increased from 160-170lg per sao to 210-220 kg per sao. She said “now there is no farmer plant 5-6 seedlings per hill. Farmers learn each other and all transplanting one seedling per hill”.

Ms. Tron from Vuon Ray village has adopted SRI with three varieties including traditional varieties and high yield varieties. She is keen to account number of rice on each tiller. She said that there are 324 rice per tillers of HYV Quu, traditional variety Khang Dan has only 282 rice per tiller and rice look small size. HYV AS9 produces 312 rice per tiller. She concluded that HYV Quu is the best for her rice land and she will use this variety for next crop seasons.

Participants are excited when Mr. Nhuong – former Plan Protection Station in Pho Yen district has appeared from far away travelling. It was more interesting when he presented a SRI song composed by himself. He gave contact number (0973743369) and invites people to drop his house to enjoy more his SRI songs and poem.

Project not only promotes SRI adoption, but also conducts other activities like producing organic composting, constructing 8 boxes in rice field to collect/ storage pesticide bags that farmers left after empty them, campaigning field cleaning, training on climate change. Farmers and workshop participants have realized that pesticide bag collection makes rice field cleaner. There are proposals of farmers to construct more pesticide bag storage boxes in the field and farmers are ready to share construction cost.

Workshop was organized successful. Key farmers shared their experience and innovations in rice plantation. For example in dept-wet field 5-6 leave rice seedling is transplanted instead of 2-3 leave rice seedling,  or transplanting seedling when it has produced numerous tillers; to make small canal to collect golden snail. Based on SRI adoption large-scale demonstration model, Dong Tien commune has plan to expand SRI adoption to all rice field in the commune.


(source: CCDV)



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