Test draft Field Farmer School (FFS) Field Guideline in Yen Bai province

Plant Protection Sub-Department (PPSD) of Yen Bai province has worked with Plan Protection Station (PPS) in Luc Yen district to test FFS Field Guideline in Lieu Do commune. The document comprises two parts: Technical and Training course management. Center for Community Development VietHung (CCDV) has coordinated with project to support in building capacity on training course management.

Ms. Hoang Thi To – Head of PPS, and Mr. Pham Xuan Thuan – SRI TOT in Luc Yen district reported that FFS has 17 classes, each week has one class on Saturday morning. The document has been applied on 14 from 17 classes of FFS.  Mr. Thuan expressed that the document is good, there are many new issues included such as updated information on new pests and plant diseases, clear explanations of SRI principles. However the document will be better if there is guideline answers to questions at the end of each class to avoid different understanding between FFS, some technical terminologies should be translated in easy-understand words to farmers. The guideline on Class management is still simple. Mr. Thuan said he could not well apply this FFS Field Guideline if not took part 3-month SRI training in Thai Binh province in 2008.

 At FFS 14th class in Meetings hall of Lieu Do commune, despite raining but 25 women trainers arrived class in time at 7.30 am. Trainee – Mr. Pham Xuan Thuan highlighted 5 questions relating to the class for 5 groups to discuss and present.  Trainers actively involved in discussion, many new idea and initiatives were shared among them. For example how rice leave look like when rice start blossom then water shall be kept in field; or rice infected what pest when tiller dried. After group presentations, trainer has summarized and let trainees written down.  Participants said that it is first time they learn about SRI, rice in pilot field has good looking, they worry that raining in time of rice blossom may reduce rice yield. But they are interested and excited with participatory approach in training; learning by doing helps them easy to remember.  During tea break, some trainees presented songs.  CCDV workers presented class some program’s SRI books and brochures, and sang two songs too (but could remember half of songs).

Before leaving class, CCDV workers shared experience with teacher on class running as introducing class agenda in opening, presenter says mane and group before talking, have some simple games.

We all promise to see again at field workshop at the end of FFS.

(source: CCDV)


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